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Afro – Sensuality Retreat – Puerto Rico 2023

Puerto Rico 2023 (4 SPOTS LEFT)


DECEMEMBER 11-15, 2023


A luxury Sensual Healing retreat, tailor-made for the modern Divine Feminine

Indulge in an intimate, transformative journey nestled in the heart of Puerto Rico, crafted exclusively for a handful of women who seek to rekindle their powerful essence and innate sensuality. Our 4-night, 5-day luxury retreat promises an opulent escape, allowing you to reconnect, rediscover, and reignite your divine feminine that is your birthright. Grow and share in community with other women dancing down the path to personal freedom. Amidst the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s pristine beauty, you’re invited to unplug, unwind, and unveil the potent femininity that lies within in. Allow yourself this lavish moment of self-discovery and leave with memories embedded in your spirit. Your journey to a more confident, present, and sensually awakened self begins here.

​Your Experience:

  • Unlock the art of embodying confidence, moving with grace and power that resonates with your innate femininity.
  • Dive deep into introspection, pinpointing and healing from past sensual traumas that may have dimmed your radiant spirit.
  • Learn to mother yourself, tenderly addressing and nurturing wounds through intentional self-care.
  • Immerse in the serenity of the present, cultivating mental peace and emotional equilibrium.
  • Design and embrace your unique ‘Pleasure Palace’, a sanctuary of joy and fulfillment that effortlessly integrates into your daily life.

Surrounded by the luxurious backdrop of Puerto Rico and in the company of like-minded women, allow yourself this opulent pause to rediscover and celebrate the powerful woman you’ve always been.​

What’s Included:

*All meals, excursions, transportation to and from airport, all natural bath, body, hair care, swag bags**

Serenity Awaits: Cleanse in the enchanting waterfalls of El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s majestic national rainforest.

Cultural Immersion: Embark on an arts tour in historic Loíza, and stand mesmerized at Samuel Lind’s Afro-Puerto Rican art gallery.

Embodied Workshops: Daily sessions to navigate, explore, and integrate tools for presence and daily pleasure.

Rhythmic Journey: Learn the ancestral, Afro-Puerto Rican “Bomba”dance on the beach led by premier dancer Sheila Osoro. Delve into Salsa’s Sensual Movement & rich history with professional guidance.

Natural Radiance: Rejuvenate with Effervesce, an all-natural, Black/Latina luxury brand. Sun-kissed skin, cleansed, moisturized, and protected.

Culinary Elegance: Savor three sensually curated meals daily by our gourmet chef. A closing night of lavish sensory delights and evocative performances. (1 alcoholic beverage included)

Exclusive Gifts: Swag bags from Effervesce to extend the luxury and pampering.

Tranquil Moments: A professional 1-hour massage to deepen your relaxation.

Memories Captured: Be in the moment, as professional photographers capture your transformative journey. Relive the memories and bond with the sisterhood you’ve fostered. … and so much more awaiting your discovery!

**Airfare not included** Contact Amour Getaways today, to book your flights!


What Community has shared:

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Thank you for helping to make this trip really special. We appreciate you taking time out to have dinner with us.  Everyone had a great time and it is definitely going down in family vacay history as “that last day in Puerto Rico.” We are even more determined to join you in paradise sooner rather than later…..until next time. xoxo


M & N, New Mexico 6/2023


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