1 on 1 Couples Healing Techniques Workshop

For those couples who have participated in the Healing Techniques Workshop for Couples and are interested in learning reflexology more in depth, we are offering a special couples session.  These sessions will take place in a private healing space and you will spend 75 minutes learning how to practice certain Reflexology techniques and other techniques learned in the first Healing Techniques Workshop for Couples.

Cost Per Couple:  $120*

*Payment plans available.


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To those of you that are inquisitive about this group, please take it from us, walking into the door, they are the coolest, most down to earth, and sexiest folks you’ll ever meet. If you are thinking about going on one of the planned trips, GO… it’s a must. You will have a wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next one!


Trice and TJ, Ohio 1/2017


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